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Diversity Statement

The Division of External Relations & Strategic Communications supports the University’s mission and vision through technical and strategic support in the areas of Alumni Relations, Government and Community Relations, Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships, Protocol and Special Events, Internal Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations.

We place the values of equity, justice and inclusivity at the forefront of everything we do, and seek to advance diversity and inclusive excellence across the campus through each of the aforementioned areas of our work. We acknowledge that our work is done on land that was first inhabited by indigenous people, including the Yokuts and Miwuk we steadfastly uphold the concepts expressed in the University of California Diversity Statement.

As a division, we embody a variety of cultural, ethnic, and lived identities and experiences and seek to celebrate and respect these differences, which we believe make us better equipped to serve the diverse and equitable campus that we continuously strive to create at UC Merced. When our staff and campus partners feel encouraged to bring their authentic selves to their roles and daily interactions, we believe our best work is accomplished and everyone wins.